Tile Is a Tiny, Cheap Way to Never Lose Anything

Bluetooth trackers that’ll fit anywhere, now 33% off

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Almost every day you’ll misplace your keys, headphones, wallet or phone. 

The beauty of Tile is that it allows you to find pretty much anything you lose with the press of a button. And it works in a few different directions.

Let’s explain: These little Bluetooth trackers — Mate is for keychain and tech items, while the tinier but only slightly less powerful Slim is for your wallet — allow you to use an app on your phone to find your lost EDCs. A loud tune will play until your find your item. The app’ll also keep track of the last time and place you had your Tile-clad device.

Great thing is, it works in reverse. Lose your phone with that all-important Tile app? Double press the Tile on your keychain and your phone will ring, even if it’s on silent. The ranges on the Tiles are about 100-150 feet, so if something’s lost in your house, you’re gonna hear it.

There’s also a Community option that’ll rope in other Tile users to help you locate your stuff and Alexa capabilities (“Alexa/Google, ask Tile to find my keys”) if you want ”˜em.

Tiles are worth almost any cost — basically, ask yourself how much you’d be willing to spend to not lose your wallet, keys or phone — but now Amazon’s got a sweet deal. A 4-pack of two Mates (with replaceable battery) and two Slims is $46.78, a 33% savings and only a dollar above the lowest price ever.

BUY IT HERE: $70 $46.78

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