The Best Part of Waking Up … Is Obviously This Coffee-Making Alarm Clock

Just be very careful when reaching for the snooze

October 3, 2018 9:00 am

We all want to wake up to a great smell.

Morning sucks, and a strong, desirable sensory detail can work wonders for dragging your sorry butt out of bed. Here are some olfactory options, then, power-ranked by elegance and effectiveness:

3. Michael Scott’s George Foreman Grill: Lay six strips of bacon on the burner for your initial wakeup, go back to bed, wake up again and sleepily step on the grill, burning your foot to a crisp. Complain about the injury all day at work. SKIP

2. Sensorwake Trio: An olfactory alarm clock that cajoles you out of the dream realm with a variety of dry diffusion smells; think peppermint, orange-juice and cookies. CONSIDER

1. The Barisieur: A Scandinavian-minded nightstand champion that’ll gently wake you up with the sound of bubbling water as a fresh roast or loose-leaf tea readies itself. WHERE IS YOUR WALLET?

BARISEUR (3 images)

Yep, your best choice for a redolent wake-up call is the Barisieur. After wildly successful crowdfunding campaigns on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo in 2016, they’ve finally got their own web shop up and are now taking preorders, with deliveries expected some time this month.

How does it work? Fill the glass boiler with water before you hit the hay, add either ground coffee or tea leaves and pick a time.

Designed by Joshua Renouf, the Barisieur looks like a polished, contemporary record player, helps keep your phone exiled from your bedroom and makes a mean cup of Joe. That’s a pretty rarely seen blend of beauty, functionality and zaniness.

Place an order for your Barisieur, offered in white or black, here.

Images via Barisieur

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