What Took So Long for Someone to Invent the Indoor Fire Pit?

Stov is a cozy centerpiece for indoor socializing

March 13, 2018 9:00 am

Given the option, we’d never choose an electric heater over a roaring fire.

But you don’t always get your first pick in life.

So Dutch design studio Springtime set about designing a modern fire pit that’s both environmentally friendly and accessible to those who might not have the capability to have fires at home.

Stov (2 images)

For now just a concept, the genius of Stov is that it’s essentially a repackaged household item: the humble space heater. But it’s hard to imagine huddling around a flimsy metal radiator with a few close friends as anything other than depressing.

Not so with Stov. The one thing it’s missing? The campfire smoke smell that lingers after late-night fireside chats.

There’s probably a gas-station air freshener that can fix that, though.

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