Cool Runnings

By The Editors
June 20, 2014 9:00 am

Tomorrow’s the first (official) day of summer. And, in most parts of the country, it’s actually starting to feel like it (Sorry, Billings, MT!). Here’s the new tech that’ll keep you frosty:


The just released Lyric is Nest with some cool new twists. Paired with a smartphone app, the Lyric — with its nifty two-button interface — provides outdoor weather forecasts, remote control via phone and “geofencing,” aka temperature adjustments based on your proximity to home. Plus, via the app, the ‘stat allows for personal scheduling (like “set temperature to 66 at bedtime”).


The new Haiku is billed as world’s first “smart fan” and comes equipped with an array of sensors that determine when you enter and leave a room — powering on and off accordingly. The 52” and 60” inch fans, which include a 16-level LED brightness display, also automatically adjust to sudden temp and humidity changes. You can even customize personal schedules, sleep and alarm modes via the companion smartphone app.

Good combo: Filson just collaborated with Brute to create a pair of rugged 25 and 50 QT coolers, featuring thick pressure-injected walls and easy-carry handrails. Great for hunting, fishing or massive beach parties. For something a bit easier to carry: Brute’s Softpak, a soft-sided vinyl cooler that’s tear-resistant up to 375 pounds and, at first glance, easily mistaken for a handsome leather weekender.

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