The Uber of Bathrooms

On-demand, when you want it. Or need it.

By The Editors
April 1, 2015 9:00 am

Food, taxis, booze, haircuts, even doctors: one phone call or app-tap away.

Such is the era of the On-Demand Economy, but we’ve omitted one thing:

When nature calls.

Answering on your behalf: Stay, the new on-call lavatory service, available now.

Stay offers mobile, gussied-up bathrooms in places where finding a clean loo may prove difficult.

Also an option for those with social anxiety.

The Stay motto: “You’ll never need to go.”

Instead, Stay comes to you, geo-targeting your location via an app and offering guaranteed private access within five minutes, using a roving band of customized, WC-outfitted trucks.

And those WCs? Very VIP. Real porcelain, running water and deep scrub-downs after each use.

Plus, wall-mounted media units to pass the time.

Stay will initially target outdoor music fests and restroom-inhospitable cities like New York and New Orleans.

The ad-supported free version nets you three house calls per month. For $10, you get unlimited usage, ad-free streaming media and priority access.

“Basically, you cut the line,” says founder Sal DeBean, who admits he originally wanted to call the service Dropbox (“That was taken”).

“I hear a lot of people calling us the Uber of toilets, which is ridiculous. I’m not a fan of those constructions.”*

Instead, DeBean considers Stay “more like Spotify: a media-rich, on-demand business with integrated marketing opportunities.”

“And, not for nothing, we’re both streaming services.”

* Nota bene: DeBean speaks from experience. A serial entrepreneur, he ran into trouble last year during a Silicon Valley pitch session when he tried to sell a different service as “Tinder for adoption.”

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