Staff Picks: Our Editors Name Their Must-Have Summer Gear

Magnetic speakers, beer quivers, martini travel sets. Let's go.

Staff Picks
Scosche Boombottle MM

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Welcome to InsideHook’s Staff Picks, a compendium of all the things our editors have been digging on recently. This week, we’re highlighting the one item we can’t do summer without. Don’t have one? Check out our list of the 50 great products that will help you make the most of summer.

Scosche Boombottle MM

There are a million cheap waterproof Bluetooth speakers out there that deliver decent sound. The Boombottle wins summer because you can magnetically mount it on any metal surface (car roof, cooler top, etc.) … or mount your phone to the top and not worry about it falling off. It’ll also fit snugly into a cup holder when you’re on the road and the top of the speaker has a built-in bottle opener. Perfect for the beach: It’s waterproof, dustproof and the sound levels are boisterous enough to drown out anyone within 20 feet (use this song — some of us are kind of down on hot weather). — Kirk Miller, Nation Editor/Managing Editor

Burton Beeracuda Insulated Cooler Bag

This is my beer quiver. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My beer quiver is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my beer quiver is useless. Without my beer quiver, I am useless. I must keep my beers cool. I must drink cooler beer than my enemy, who is trying to drink cooler beer than me. I must keep my beer cool longer than he can keep his cool. I will. Before God I swear this creed: my beer quiver and myself are defenders of hyrdation. We are the masters of the weekend. We are the saviors of summer. So be it, until everyone at the lake house, music festival or pool party, is having a great time. Amen. — Walker Loetscher, Editor in Chief

Franmara Martini Travel Bar Set with Case

I like having a beer (or several) or sharing a chilled bottle of rosé while the sun is beating down, but sometimes, not always, I just want to sit in the shade a drink a damn Martini. Isn’t that a nice change of pace? You get a little afternoon buzz on, maybe take a nap underneath a tree and wake up all refreshed. I’m all for you just bringing whatever you need to get the end result and drinking your cocktail in a red plastic cup if that’s what your wasteful little heart desires. But isn’t it nice to have all the tools you need? Get yourself a nice portable Martini bar and all you have to worry about after that is simply making sure gin and vermouth show up. — Jason Diamond, Features Editor

GoPro HERO7 Black

I’m the summer dad who has to make sure everyone’s having fun, everyone is fed and I’m capturing all the memories for posterity. (Except I’m not a father and do this with my adult friends, not my offspring.) But because I also like to light fireworks and dive off cliffs, and don’t want to spend my time guarding my iPhone or a professional camera, I rely on GoPro’s HERO7. You may have heard about the company’s recent financial ups and downs (OK, mostly downs), but the bottom line is they still make the ultimate smooth-filming, industrial-strength camera. You can trade up your old model like me and get a $100 discount, or just grab $50 off their top model on Amazon. — Alex Lauer, Senior Editor

Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent

I hate sand. It burns your feet when the sun’s super strong, blows into whatever you’re eating or drinking, sticks to absolutely anything that’s even a little bit wet and when you get home, it’s everywhere. Forever. Add to that the skincare kick I’ve been on for the past two years and going to the beach is all of a sudden a cancer-causing, sand-rash-inducing nightmare. Enter this tent. It’s not so huge that you’re that person on the beach but it’s big enough for two, possibly three people to escape everything bad about the beach while still being there. It has pockets up high to keep your phone safe, pops up in literally a minute, folds away easily enough and has its own carrying bag, too. Stay sand-free, my friends. — Ariel Scotti, Senior Editor

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Reading on the beach actually sucks. It’s hot, it’s usually loud, and whether you prefer to read on mobile or good old fashioned paper, you’re gonna have to fight some glare. But for some reason, beach reads are a thing, so read on the beach we must. Fortunately, Kindle’s super light-weight Paperwhite E-reader helps resolve some of the biggest downsides of the obligatory summer pastime. Completely waterproof and glare-free, this handy gadget makes reading on the beach less awful, though still not nearly as great as reading alone inside. — Kayla Kibbe, Editorial Assistant

Armachillo Cooling Cargo Shorts

Some people don’t think cargo shorts are cool. As wrong as they are, even they can’t argue that Duluth Trading Company’s wicking Armachillo cargo shorts aren’t cool because they LITERALLY are thanks to being made from a lightweight fabric that contains microscopic cooling jade. In addition to having quick-drying functionalities that are similar to a bathing suit, the fabric also blocks the sun with UPF 40 protection. Pair with Duluth’s extra-long Buck Naked Boxer Briefs for added comfort in the summer heat. — Evan Bleier, Staff Writer

Porter Glass 

You’re not technically allowed to drink on the beach I go to, but as long as the cops don’t catch you with an open container, you’re pretty much fine to drunkenly go about the rest of your day. So to avoid the possible $150 fine, I bring my reusable porter glass. And not just to the beach, but to tailgates, on boats, camping trips, work (kidding). One, because red solo cups are totally wasteful and two, because it’s just so damn cute. And since it’s crafted from durable, high-quality glass and wrapped in protective matte silicone, I don’t have to worry about inevitably dropping it. — Logan Mahan, Editorial Intern

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