Staff Picks: All the Things That Help Our Staff Sleep Better

We're losing an hour this weekend, after all

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Welcome to InsideHook’s Staff Picks, a compendium of what our editors are digging recently.

Tempur-Pedic 2 for $99 Pillows 
Last month, I stayed with my cousin in San Francisco for a week. The plan was for me to sleep in his roommate’s bed for a few days (he was away in Tahoe), before migrating to the couch, but they got a ton of snow out there and he ended up skiing the entire week. So I still haven’t met his roommate, and if he’s reading this — thank you. What a fantastic bedspread you’ve put together, man. I legitimately slept through a minor earthquake. Good size, plush comforter, and no fewer than four memory foam Tempur-Pedic pillows! Apparently, that doesn’t cost $4,000, as I’d initially budgeted on my return flight home. Tempur-Pedic has an ongoing “2 for $99” deal on its Cloud Pillow, which is great for back and side sleepers alike, stays cool throughout the night, and will absolutely dunk on whatever you’re using at the moment.  — Tanner Garrity, Associate Editor

BUY IT HERE: $99.99

Upstate Eco Heather Flannel Sheet Set
I raved about these sheets a few weeks back, and nothing’s changed except the price … in a good way. Crafted in Northern Portugal on traditional looms from “Eco-Heather brushed flannel fabric” — a mix of 90% upcycled fibers and 10% organic cotton — these sheets have proved to be ridiculously cozy and breathable during my first weeks of use. And, with a little time wearing ’em in, I’ve noticed I’m falling asleep much more quickly (and my Sleep Cycle app will bear me out). Still good for a few more weeks (months?) of cool weather and certainly ready for fall, Upstate’s sheets are now 40% off. — Kirk Miller, Nation Editor/Managing Editor


Philips Wake-up Light
I live in a dungeon, and not like, a cool sex one, but just a regular room in a basement that has a lone window at the ceiling but is merely at ground level outside. And the unfortunate thing about lone windows on the ground is that they don’t let in a lot of light, so when I first moved in, I was constantly tired and it was nearly impossible to wake up in the morning in time for work (sorry, InsideHook!). After some frantic Web MD-ing to determine what horrible disease was causing my lassitude, I realized it was most likely due to lack of light in my room, especially after realizing that every time I slept at my girlfriend’s (yeah, that’s right) sunny apartment I woke up feeling much more refreshed. Cue me purchasing this clock, which has in all honesty changed the way I wake up. It begins slowly filling the room with natural yellow light 30 minutes before my alarm goes off, and reaches peak brightness (able to be manually set from 1-10) as it gently beeps to wake you up. It also serves as a great bedside table lamp and obviously a clock. While it won’t help you fall asleep, it’ll help you wake up feeling much more refreshed, which is essentially the same thing as falling asleep quicker.  — Eli London, Director of Partnerships and User Acquisition

Buy It Here: $49.99

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Bar Soap
My body temperature runs hot. My girlfriend’s runs cold. Ergo, we’ve got sleeping problems. If you are also a living, breathing cliche, you could buy some expensive temperature-regulating mattress pad. Or you could buy a $5 bar of this magic peppermint soap. Take a shower before bed, scrub this minty freshness all up in your epidermal business, and you’ll feel like you’ve been dipped in a vat of Vicks VapoRub. That is to say, you’ll feel a sustained cool that’ll stop your sweating long enough to pass out. (Yes, the bar works better than the liquid version.) — Alex Lauer, Senior Editor

Buy it Here: $10.34

Pink Moon by Nick Drake, 12″ LP
If Nick Drake’s moody susurrations can’t put you to sleep, then you’re not a music-at-bedtime person. I, however, am, and this album does the trick better than any “sounds of the rainforest” compilation ever could. The titular track — which conveniently arrives first — is a minimal, maudlin lullaby, and things don’t change much from there. Aside from a soft piano bridge (also on the first track), the album features only Drake’s vocals and an expertly picked acoustic guitar. — Walker Loetscher, Editor in Chief

Buy it here: $20.82

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch
Not a sleeping aid per se, but I love a skincare product I can use while asleep. And knowing I’ll wake up miraculously cured of all imperfections in the morning helps me get a good night’s rest. But seriously, these Cosrx Acne Pimple Patches are the closest thing I’ve found to a beauty hack. You just stick one of these clear patches on your pimple (size depending on the degree of pimple) and go to sleep. Then you peel it off in the morning, revealing all the gunk that used to be in your face — beautiful, ain’t it? Now will your acne be gone for good? No, but these patches clean and protect the infected area from getting worse, and humidify the skin, preventing further breakouts. Plus they’re like three dollars each, qualify for free shipping and require very minimal effort on your part. — Logan Mahan, Editorial Intern

Buy it here: $12.30

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