Whittling Is the Kind of Simple Pleasure America Needs Right Now

Put down your phone. Carve a wooden spoon.

April 25, 2017 9:00 am

On the list of all-time greatest front porch activities (pre- the invention of boomboxes and D batteries of course), whittling falls somewhere between pinging a spittoon and strumming a banjo.

However, since the “How to Whittle” pamphlets the Boy Scouts used to hand out have gone the way of merit badges, it’s a skill the majority of people do not possess. As for what it is, exactly, consider these words from a man with 60+ years of experience, master whittler Don Mertz: “Whittling is carving only with a knife.  Carving is using many carving tools including a knife.  Thus ‘Carving is not whittling’ but ‘ Whittling can be carving.’”

Sharing that love for America’s original pastime, the founder of camp gear suppliers NEMO Cam Brensinger put together a whittling kit for intrepid campers to add to their arsenal and as a way to commemorate his company’s 15th year of operation.

Carving Kit (3 images)

Including a straight blade knife, hook knife, folding saw, bamboo-mounted leather strop and a pencil and sandpaper wrapped up in a canvas roll, the limited-edition Spoon Shaper kit comes with all the tools you need to carve a custom piece. Instructions are included.

Limited to a run of 200, the Spoon Shaper costs $130 and ships free with the code FREESHIP.

See if you can embrace your inner Donald Mertz. Or just enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures (front porch not included).

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