Deal: We’ve Been Using This Smokeless Firepit for Years. It’s $100 Off Right Now.

Reduces smoke and is extremely Instagram-friendly. What more could you ask?

Solo Stove Sale
Solo Stove

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Nothing says the end of summer like gathering around a grill or a campfire, but I hate immediately having to throw my smoke-drenched clothes in the washing machine afterward. That’s why I love Solo Stove. I’ve owned their popular Bonfire model for years, and it’s kept me pretty much smoke-free.

The elegance of Solo Stoves is that no matter the size or shape you choose, they all work the same way. Holes drilled around the base of the stove allow air to enter the double-walled firepit, where it’s funneled below the flame to provide fuel for combustion while reducing smoke. The whole thing is wrapped up in a beautifully simple steel cylinder that’s easy to move around and very Instagram-friendly. 

Right now, basically everything Solo Stove sells is heavily discounted right now, including the backpacker-friendly, Solo Stove Lite camp stove and the best-selling Bonfire Fire Pit. Even their brand new Solo Stove Charcoal Grill is $549, down from $699.

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