The Camera So Easy a Caveman Could Create Virtual Reality Videos

Looks like an adorable little robot pet, to boot

March 27, 2018 9:00 am

The allure of virtual reality is that in consuming it, we are promised an entirely new and novel entertainment experience: immersive, multisensory, 360-degree entertainment in the comfort of our own homes.

But what about the promise of creating it? Isn’t that equally as appealing? Perhaps, but it’s also something that requires pricey equipment and some serious technical know-how. Or at least it did, before Lenovo’s Mirage Camera and its “Daydream” capabilities came along.

The Mirage is a convenient, stylish, unobtrusive (and very, very easy) way to produce VR content. About the length of a wallet and a little thicker than your phone, the device sports two 13MP fisheye cameras that mimic the depth perception you experience with your own eyeballs. We’re talking 180 X 180 degree capturing, which will … you guessed it, render the photos and videos it produces completely 3D. And thanks to a minimalist design, there are no knobs or dials to trip you up. Just point and shoot. 

The camera was created in partnership with Google, and it can upload anything you film instantaneously to sharing platforms like Google Photos or a YouTube VR account. It’s the ultimate postcard, reimagined for 2018.

Pick yours up here.

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