The Arrive App Will Ease Your Anxiety Over Missed Package Deliveries

It's basically a command center for tracking your shipments

December 4, 2017 9:00 am

It’s easier now to shop online than at any other point in recorded human history. And thanks to a new app designed by Shopify, it’s easier to track the status of those orders than ever before, as well.

Designed to help ease the anxiety of keeping track of multiple orders at once, Shopify Arrive syncs with your Gmail account and finds all your e-receipts. Once that’s done, the app automatically adds all your incoming packages to an Uber-style map and allows you to track them in real time. To add to the ease factor, Arrive also sends push notifications.

Compatible with more than 400 carriers — including UPS, USPS, FedEX, DHL, Canada Post, Walmart and Amazon — Arrive also displays relevant customer service contact options so you don’t need to hunt around for phone numbers or email addresses if there’s a delivery issue.  

“The idea [for Arrive] came from a problem that we all have,” Shopify product lead Robleh Jama told Inc. “As consumers, we’re buying more and more products online, and it’s getting harder to track those products. Because we’re getting a bunch of different emails, with a bunch of different tracking numbers, different dates, and we obviously have very busy schedules.”

Only available for iOS devices and compatible with Gmail for now, Arrive will eventually be improved upon to support additional email providers. 

Either way, it’s a perfect companion for the holiday season. 

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