Never Lose Your Keys Again

And lock your door from anywhere in the world.

By The Editors
March 16, 2015 9:00 am
Never Lose Your Keys Again
Melanie Riccardi

Because bulging pockets are not a compliment, there is Sesame, an amazingly simple device to replace your keys, taking pre-orders now.

Essentially, Sesame substitutes your keys with your phone.

It’s a digital locking system, like Lockitron, with one major upside: you don’t need to fiddle with the deadbolt.

No screws, wiring or technicians required.

You just download an app, stick Sesame (total weight: 5.7 oz.) on top of your normal lock with a strong strip of tape (included) and pair it with your home WiFi.

That’s it.

You can now open the door with your app through an encrypted signal.

You can also grant access to guests and family members, get pinged whenever somebody opens/closes the door and know 24/7 if your house is locked.

You can even assign Sesame a custom knock to allow entry without pulling out your phone.

The device fits pretty much any single-cylinder deadbolt.

The battery lasts 500 days. Lose your phone? You can disable the system through Sesame’s website. And if you lose Internet or power, the lock still works at close range via Bluetooth. Or your regular key.

Possibly coming soon: facial recognition.

Unlike your keys, that’s impossible to forget.

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