Word Play

By The Editors
May 17, 2013 9:00 am

Comes a time a man wants to play a game.

Also comes a time a man doesn’t want to work.

Hope this is that time. Here to lay waste to your Friday afternoon and beyond: Say the Same Thing.

Designed and programmed by Andy Ross of the band OK Go (they of the famously viral videos: see herehere and here), STST is a seriously addictive word game that’s about finding associations between two random words. This is pretty much the perfect game to play with like-minded friends, equally lazy co-workers or a particularly literate kid.

Say the Same Thing

To start, download the game and connect with a friend or stranger.

Then type in a random word (say, “marsupial”).

At the same time, your partner types their own word (say, “Christina Hendricks”).

Now you try to guess the next related word your partner will type. (So you type in “dingo” and he types in “motorboat.”)

And so on. Until you both “say the same thing.”

If Ross’s own games are any indication, most matches “usually start out with food words, but end with cursing.”

Hey, we’re all adults here.

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