Right Now: Get Powerbeats for Just $90

They're amazing, and they're usually $200

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I first got a pair of wireless Powerbeats for Christmas four years ago. I’d long before grumbled through workouts — on the bench press, on the track — with a pair of in-ear, wired headphones that seemed determined to prison break my ear canals the moment I ramped up the intensity on a rep or a lap. It drove me crazy.

Then I got the Powerbeats, and everything changed. I used them during workouts. On planes. I brought them to work, where their noise-cancelling capabilities performed as well as a pair of Bose … sans the overheating I usually experience from a pair of heavy, over-ear headphones. 

I rode that first pair into the ground over the course of a couple years (it was mostly duct tape by the end), then bought a newer model, the Powerbeats3, which I wear to this day. My only complaint is the price. The first pair was a gift, but the second set me back $200. A hefty sum, no matter how indispensable they’ve become. 

So it’s with a whole lotta excitement, and just a tinge of jealousy, that I draw your attention to these Powerbeats3 Wireless Headphones, currently selling for just $90 on Amazon.

That’s a full $110 off, and probably the best $90 you’ll spend this year. Why are they only $90? Beats me. Maybe people probably didn’t want them in Turf Green. People are dumb. Get this pair just in time for get-in-shape season. You won’t be able to shut up about ’em in a few months time. 

BUY HERE: $200 $90

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