Who Needs Ski Lessons When There’s a Virtual Coach IN YOUR SKIS?

Pro: Live feedback. Con: They don't carry themselves.

February 8, 2017 9:00 am

Used to be finding out how one did on the slopes required strapping on a wearable or two and then looking up your stat afterwards.

Thanks to two French firms, now all it’ll take is strapping in and looking down.

Ski maker Rossignol and wearable producer PIQ built what they have dubbed “the world’s first smart ski” and showed it off at the ISPO sports trade show in Munich as well as on YouTube.

The skis feature a built-in computer that can track more than 195,000 data points per minute and then provide those stats  — which include speed and distance, but also data like carve angle, G-Force and jump height — on an LED display in real time.

Clearly having instant access to all that data in the middle of a run is a game-changing feature that would make settling bets at the lodge a breeze … and would also make using a helmet an even better idea.

The project is still in its prototype phase, but the firms do plan to bring the skis to market eventually.

Bonne chance.

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