I’ll Be Spending My Entire Summer in Vuori’s Kore Shorts

I've tried and tested countless pairs of athletic shorts — these are my unexpected favorite

May 3, 2022 8:03 am
The Vuori Kore Shorts are some of the most comfortable men's athletic shorts I've worn in 2022 review
I've fallen in love with Vuori's Kore Shorts

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I was under the impression that most men’s athletic shorts were one and the same. Sure, you could add or remove pockets, fiddle with inseam lengths and experiment with playful designs, but come on — a pair of shorts is still just a pair of shorts at the end of the day.

That’s why, when a fellow InsideHook staffer spoke highly of the Vuori Kore Short, I was unmoved by the overwhelming praise. After all, Vuori is a relative newcomer to the already-saturated athletic apparel scene, and while I haven’t worn their clothing before, I felt like I understood their surf-inspired, good-vibes-only identity. A pair of shorts wasn’t going to influence my perceptions.

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Nevertheless, as luck would have it, Vuori reached out asking if I’d like to give the Kore Short a try. And because it’s my job to evaluate products with an open mind, I said yes, requesting a pair of lined and unlined bottoms. Days later, the package in question arrived at my door and before I knew it, I was throwing on the pair of shorts I so deeply wanted to dismiss. As I’m sure you’ve surmised by the headline above, that didn’t happen.

Weeks have passed since my initial testing and I’m still wearing the Kore shorts (and yes, I’m wearing them right now as I write this review). They’re comfortable, capable and effortlessly cool. If you’ve yet to get yourself a pair, you should pick them up if you’re looking for new fitness gear. Here’s why:

The Kore Shorts deliver instan comfort, capability, and they look pretty darn cool
The Kore Shorts deliver instant comfort and capability

It all starts with comfort. As soon as you slip on the boxer-brief-lined bottoms, you’ll appreciate the inner fabric’s next-to-skin comfort that’s soft and refreshingly supportive. Like your favorite pair of compression shorts, the Kore shorts hug your manhood from every angle, keeping things securely in place. The inseam, meanwhile, also comes in a range of lengths, but I went with the five-inch version that’s perfect for workouts and casual wear. It falls a few inches above the knee and shows off just enough thigh without feeling too exposed. Keep in mind, Vuori also offers these in seven-inch and nine-inch lengths if you fancy something with more coverage.

Most of my purchases are rooted in purpose, but these shorts earn additional points for style. With three lengths and 16 colorways to choose from (and the lined/unlined versions), you’d be hard-pressed not to find a pair that compliments your favorite workout routine. Whether it’s running, hiking, lifting or anything else for that matter. Style points aside, Vuori finishes the design with two hand pockets and a rear pocket that secures via velcro (it’s also got a drainage port that comes in handy if and when you decide to go swimming).

The only thing I wish these near-perfect bottoms had? A secure, preferably-zippered pocket to store a house key or a couple cards when I go for runs. The hand pockets are too open and the rear pocket is too loose to offer peace of mind for essentials when I’m getting active.

Pocket plight aside, Vuori’s take on the everyday athletic short is just about perfect. To anyone in search of a versatile short that’s sure to help you make the most of workouts or just lounging around during any season, look no further.

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