Stock Up on Outdoor Gear for Summer Courtesy of REI’s Handpicked Deals

Find top-quality gear up to 50% off at the Co-op

Get to know REI Co-op's best in-house gear
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Do us a favor and take a look outside your window. Are the birds singing? Is the sun peaking out? Has your neighbor seemed friendlier in recent weeks? If you answered yes to any of these questions, there’s a good chance you’re encountering the earliest signs of summer.

With the warm weather and high spirits of summer comes a renewed interest in adventure. As you book accommodations, take stock of supplies and grow giddy with excitement about getting away, consider stocking up on essentials courtesy of REI’s Handpicked Deals. Now through May 9th, the Co-op is discounting hundreds of items up to 50% off, from equipment to apparel and beyond.

Keep in mind that you’ll find more on sale here than traditional hiking boots, camping tents and stoves. The Co-op is also discounting running shoes, backpacks, yoga mats, sunglasses and basics for the whole family. But just as summer doesn’t last forever, neither do these rare deals. Shop now, save some coin and be prepared for the fun to come.

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