With This Little Dongle, You’ll Never Lose Anything Again

Keys, luggage, children: it keeps track of any and everything

February 9, 2017 9:00 am

Given the current no-frills state of air travel (Hey, who needs overhead space or legroom?), we’ve narrowed down our flight requirements to a simple three-part request:

“Get us there safely, relatively on time and with our luggage.”

Helping you with the third part of that equation: Ping, “the world’s smallest global GPS locator.”

Basically, with a smartphone and a device about the size of two quarters, you’ll never lose anything again … be it luggage, pets or children (in whatever order you prefer). Once you attach the device to quite literally whatever you want, the attendant app can locate that item — even if it’s halfway around the globe.

Ping (6 images)

If you’ve used other locators like Tile or Trakdot, Ping offers a number of advantages:

Range: Unlike Tile, you aren’t limited to finding things 35 feet in front of your phone. The device uses a combo of Bluetooth, cell networks and GPS to track down your Ping. “If you’re trying to locate something important, or something that moves, like kids or drones, you need a different solution,” says founder Joshua Lippiner. Home Alone situation developing? Ping will find him.

Battery life: Unlike (much larger) GPS devices, it goes 3-5 months between charges.

Tracking: Or, actually, lack thereof. To save battery life and improve privacy, the device will locate any enabled device or person on demand, but will not track your locations continuously.

Ping is also waterproof, comes with a simple tap system for quick check-ins or distress signals (great for watching your kids), and early backers will get a free data plan for the first year.

The device is currently available for preorder on Indiegogo.

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