The Outdoor Pizza Oven Is Every Grillmaster’s New Favorite Plaything

Warning: May cause unintended block parties

By The Editors
September 21, 2015 9:00 am

We can tell you two things about damn near every man in this country without even seeing his face or asking what his name is.

One, that he owns a grill, and no, you may not touch it.

Two, that he likes pizza. Because he’s a human with functional taste buds.

This dual-truth has, in recent years, spawned a new trend:

The outdoor pizza oven. A favorite of DIY-ers everywhere (here’s a tutorial if you’re looking for your next home-improvement project), there are also plenty of plug-and-play options available for us hands-off types.

Here are seven of our favorites at a variety of styles, sizes and pricepoints.

KettlePizza Grill Insert | $140

Uuni 2 Pizza Oven | $299

Pizzeria Pronto | $299

Roccbox | $580

Alfa Forno Ciao Outdoor Pizza Oven | $1,985

Hephaestus Patio Pro Grill/Smoker/Oven-in-One | $2,600

Kalamazoo Outdoor Pizza Station | $15,000

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