Out of Cell Range? Grid Overloaded? Beartooth Don’t Care.

With this device, your phone works anywhere, anytime

By The Editors
March 29, 2016 9:00 am

Summer means music festivals, outdoor adventures and weekend jaunts to remote destinations.

Thusly, summer also means your cellphone is going to stop working in one of those locations at the worst possible time. It probably won’t be a 127 Hours scenario, but it’s happening.

In order to keep phones functioning in areas that have no cell service or Wi-Fi — or an overloaded grid — a Montana-based hardware company has created the Beartooth, a pocket-sized transceiver that allows off-grid communications wherever and whenever you need them.

The device turns connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth to turn it into a kind of walkie-talkie that can call, text or map the location of other Beartooth users within a 10-mile range.

The device also serves as a backup battery for emergency phone charges and comes preloaded with a slew of high-quality 24k topographic and street maps that are always accessible.

The one drawback: other members of your group will also have to have one in order for it to serve you any use. Good news: the company is running a 50% off promotion for the next three weeks — pairs cost $149 or you can get a set of four for $275.

Preorder here.

Main image via Beartooth’s Facebook

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