The Smallest Functional Flipper Knife You’ve Ever Seen

Cute without the E.

By The Editors
April 28, 2017 9:00 am

Down in Granger, Indiana, a husband-wife team are making damn good knives, among which is the ODT Flipper.

Don’t let its diminutive size trick you — ODT will keep you occupied whittling sticks, and it comes in handy when you need to etch off sticker residue or perform other tasks you might use an X-acto knife for.

odt pocket knife (3 images)

The titanium blade is one inch both vertical and horizontal, and fully open you’re looking at two inches. It’s the size of dogtags closed — perfect for your pocket. And, like your jeans, it’s stoned washed for casual handsomeness.

For what it’s worth, people love it (even knife people). From the reviews: “This is by far my favorite knife I’ve ever owned,” and “This thing is a tank. Seriously. I’d have no doubts I could baton a 2” diameter Stick with this thing. She’s tiny. She’s “adorable” to non-knife people … it’s the most satisfying flipper you’ll carry.”

Early father’s day gift anyone?

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