Money Talks

By The Editors
November 7, 2012 9:00 am
Money Talks

Everything is a negotiation. Everything. From the critically important (buying a house, getting a raise), to the even more critically important (fantasy football trades. Game is life, bro).

Helping you save money on everything in between: The Negotiate It app, available for your money-saving pleasure right now.

Hatched by a best-selling advisor and finance hacker, Negotiate It is a dead-simple app that helps you negotiate lower fees on everyday bills (cable TV, cell phone) and recurring negotiations, e.g., APR financing, missed credit card payments, and car insurance rates.

How it works:

1. Power up the app.

2. Select the company you want to call (the app has the right number).

3. Get a live operator.

4. Read the NI script exactly as written.

5. When they say “yea” or “nay” to the request, go on to the next page.

6. Log the amount you saved.

The scripts are friendly, extremely straightforward, and clear: all you’re doing is applying basic psychology to suggest discounts.

And on the off-chance it doesn’t work: use the practice mode to prepare, or set a reminder on the app to try again in a few weeks. After fantasy season is over.

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