A Little Black Book for the iGeneration

Syncing your schedule: Timepage by Moleskine

By The Editors
June 9, 2015 9:00 am

A man is the sum of his little black book.

And by that, we mean his Moleskine notebook, those nondescript, leather-bound scrawling pads seen in offices, writers rooms and backpacker hostel lost-and-founds everywhere.

A handsome and refreshingly tactile respite from all those wonky calendar apps.

Except this one: Timepage, a brand new calendar for smartphones made by — Who else? – Moleskine.

Consider us digital converts.

We tested it for a week. It’s seamless: time is presented as a continuous flow you can easily swipe through to find the event or time slot you’re looking for.

There are just enough bells and whistles without overwhelming: customizable theme colors, weather updates and built-in directions to your next coffee meeting/date.

Even Uber integration.

Bonus: it hooks up with any and all calendars (iCloud, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange) you already use.

Learning curve: five minutes.  

It’s also, dare we say, the first truly useful app for the Apple Watch.

Time for a change.

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