MIT-Engineered Smart Desk Transforms Based on Your Mood

An office that adapts to your state of mind? Hello, future.

August 17, 2018 9:00 am

If you’re cranky during office hours, MIT wants to change that. By changing everything around you.

The MIT Media Lab’s “Mediated Atmosphere” project is currently developing an office space that transforms itself based on your mood. Utilizing bio-sensors, controllable lighting, projection screens and sound (admittedly, you’re gonna need a BIG desk), the enhanced workspace would engage different senses and alter your surroundings in response to your activities, biological signals and behavior.

As the researchers note: “We imagine a workspace that, when asked, can instantly trade the engaging focus of a library with the liberating sensation of a stroll through the forest — a workspace that can replicate the invigorating tension of a control room or the restorative qualities of a beloved childhood hideaway.”

Anything to keep you pleasantly grinding way, working man.

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