Life of Pics

By The Editors
October 26, 2012 9:00 am
Life of Pics

You may be vigilant with a camera, but eventually you’re going to miss a picture-perfect moment — thus forcing your kids to reenact, Iwo Jima-like, the building of their first sand castle.

Don’t be that guy. Instead, you can literally record every 30 seconds of your life via Memoto.

Designed by a bunch of Swedish ‘net CEOs and a long-time camera developer who “thought it would be nice to let you travel back in time of your own life,” the Kickstarter-ed Memoto is a tiny GPS-enabled camera that clips to your shirt and snaps a pic every half-minute, letting you unobtrusively “life-log” big moments that require your full participation.

The buttonless pic-taker is about the size of an iPod Shuffle, and it snaps up to two days’ worth of photos (that’s 4000 5MP pics) before needing a recharge.

Once plugged in to your computer, Memoto auto uploads the pics and organizes them by day, location, and even lighting. If you desire, you can also share those pics via social media.

The camera starts at $249, with free cloud storage (1.5 TB worth) for the first year. But order now: Given the camera’s astounding success, the inventory’s going to go quickly.

Because when documenting your life, every second counts.

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