Pick Up Phone. Click Button. Schedule Meeting.

The quickest scheduling app ever

By The Editors
May 15, 2015 9:00 am

“Busy man.”

You probably get that a lot.

It roughly translates to: “Scheduling drinks with you is going to be a nine e-mail, three-month, two-assistants affair. Forget it.”


You just need 30 seconds, thanks to Meet by Sunrise, a new smartphone app that allows you to plan and confirm a meeting in just three steps, now available.

We’re already a fan of Sunrise, a free calendar download that does a good job of consolidating our various dockets.

With new feature Meet, you can schedule a meeting seamlessly from your smartphone’s keyboard straight to your platform of choice — email, Slack, Outlook or iMessage.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Someone requests a meeting with you.

  2. You hit “Reply,” press a keyboard icon and hold down the “Meet” button.

  3. Your calendar pops up. Click any available hour-long slot(s), then adjust duration and location.

Your choices will condense into a single hyperlink. Send that back to your requester.

The inviter will click the link and pick one of your preferred times. You’ll both be notified and your calendars updated.

Bonus: your friend doesn’t even need the app for this to work.

Now, how about that drink?

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