The Big Sleep

By The Editors
November 27, 2012 9:00 am
The Big Sleep

The most important thing you do in bed — no, not sex — is sleep. Which you either do poorly, don’t get enough of, or grab during inopportune times (again, sex).

Ensuring you get the most from those Zs: Lumawake, a smart dock that monitors your sleep, wakes you up, and makes you coffee (seriously), just now available for pre-order.

LumawakeSo, your sleep patterns: Lumawake senses your sleep movements via “Predator”-esque infrared, then delivers an app report each morning on your dream patterns and your optimal wake-up time.

And using the multicolor LED lights, it can also simulate sunrises.

For those with Bill Gates-ian home automation systems (like SmartThings, WeMo, etc.), the ‘wake can also remotely control your appliances, e.g., turn off your TV when you fall asleep, or start your coffee maker as you wake up.  

Currently going for $149 for “early adopters,” the first units will ship in early 2013. And unlike most crowdfunded projects, no money will exchange hands until these ship. Meanwhile, expect some third-party apps to come aboard soon, including a baby monitor and visual weather indicator.

Giving you more things you won’t be losing sleep over.

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