Turn Your Smartphone Into a Portable Record Player, With This

Quite possibly the vinyl innovation of the decade

January 26, 2017 9:00 am

Somewhere between vinyl’s resurgence in popularity and … vinyl’s continued resurgence in popularity, something happened to the ordinary turntable.

Playback has become its very own spectacle. Now, you’ve got record players that spin discs vertically. Record players that play music in mid-airPortable models that actually ride the grooves to amplify the tunes. Which is wonderful, but not as dynamic as the advances in modern music technology might lead you to believe.

That all changes with the Love, a fully portable, Bluetooth-powered playback system that connects to your smartphone. The company is billing it as “the first intelligent turntable,” and at first look, it seems like they’re not far off.

What makes the Love exciting is its ability to be controlled via smartphone, which means users will have complete playback control, including the ability to play, pause, skip and repeat tracks. And while there’s no integrated speaker, the device makes up for it by allowing users to connect to any audio output via Bluetooth.

Love Turntable (4 images)

No word yet on pricing, but according to the Love website, the player will be available in less than a month.

G’head and take it for a spin.

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