You’ve Been Listening to Music All Wrong

Gramovox's vertical turntable is a sonic marvel

By The Editors
October 12, 2015 9:00 am

When it comes to music, digital trumps analog nine times out of 10. 

More convenient. Portable. Easier to share. 

But can your favorite streaming service float? Impress a room full of music lovers? Show Mayor Emanuel’s proposed “cloud tax” who’s boss?

No, sir. It cannot. 

For that, you’ll wanna get with the Floating Record turntable — from the same local audiophiles who brought you the Bluetooth gramophone speaker — available for preorder now.

Even if you don’t own a single record, you gotta admit that’s a damn handsome player.

Mostly because, yes, it plays records vertically. But also because it sports a maple cabinet and full-range stereo system.

Downside: it ships in December.

Upside: it makes for a great gift.

Check the full gallery below.

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