A Wooden Arcade Briefcase for Rethinking Your Work-Life Balance

When you wanna carry around 100 video games like an adult

November 1, 2017 9:00 am

If you’re a man of a certain age, you can probably recall the NES Konami Code that would unlock 30 extra lives in Contra just as just as you would your Social Security number.

Looks like those good ol’ days are back.

Equipped with Contra and other classic two-player titles like Metal Slug, Gauntlet, Street Fighter, Tetris and Frogger, the Cary42 console by Swedish designer Love Hultén is about the least-nerdy way to carry around 100 video games we could imagine. 

Handcrafted from American walnut, the briefcase-style gaming console features black-and-white buttons and joysticks, a 12-inch LCD screen and a pair of 10-watt stereo speakers. Preloaded with 100 games in all, the unit’s 16-GB flash drive allows players to add their own via a USB.

Gaming Suitcase (3 images)

“I want my objects to create a state of curiosity — using references from both past and present,” Hultén says of his work. “Nostalgia is involved to a certain extent, yes, but not by looking backwards. It’s by taking steps in different directions simultaneously, creating unique and balanced objects.”

Limited to a run of just 50 units, the Cary42 is available for preorder for about $3,000 and is set to starting being delivered next month.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from Hultén’s handsome console.

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