Missing Linq

By The Editors
March 15, 2013 9:00 am

Misplacing a set of keys can cause a man to doubt himself.

You’ve grown old. Forgetful. As unreliable as WiFi on Amtrak.

Don’t beat yourself up, dude. Instead, check out the Linquet Mini: a tracking tab that attaches to anything you own and alerts your iPhone when you step out of range.

The Minis attach to almost anything. When your valuable goes out of range — adjustable up to 100 feet — both your phone and the Linquet will set off a series of sounds and flashing lights.

If you don’t by chance hear the alarm, the Linquet uploads the time and location of the alarm to your iPhone via an affiliated app.

But this isn’t just a smart luggage tag. It’s endlessly programmable: you can set different icons, sounds and settings for each Linq-ed item. These settings, in turn, can be further modified to execute tasks selectively (e.g., “No alarms when I’m at work”). It can also act as a remote camera clicker. Or a panic alarm (not that you’d ever need one).

The Linquet costs $25 to pre-order, with shipment in June. The cloud service is free for the first year for early adopters, and then $30/year after that. 

So if you wait, it’s your loss.

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