One of the Fastest Routers in the West Is $100 Off Right Now

It sets up easy and covers 3,000 square feet

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Remember when your wifi router used to resemble an ugly blue spaceship with stubby antennas poking out at all angles? And it had some easy-to-remember name like WRT3200ACM-RMS2 and required a panicked phone call with an overseas technician to set up? Well, that’s because that’s exactly what Linksys used to get away with (and that router we described was real, it did require a phone call and the end result was less than spectacular).

Anyway, eero came along a few years back and put it to shame with a router that A) looks great and B) takes two minutes to set up. It’s since been enough of a success that Amazon just bought the company. So Linksys got smart and followed suit, and now has the like-minded Velop mesh network, which you can also buy on Amazon … for a fraction of the price you’d pay for eero.

What you need to know: Velop is a two-pack, so it’s both your router and a wifi extender for homes up to 3,000 square feet. A few other perks: the white towers resemble Bluetooth speakers (so, they’ll blend into your room), they work with voice control and there’s an app to manage setup and wifi use (parental control, guest access, etc.). And with two Velops, the system will hook you up with the fastest and strongest signal wherever you’re accessing the system.

It’s currently $99 for two towers, good for a savings of 50%. By comparison, a single eero is currently $200 and a three-pack of Google Wifi is $250.

BUY IT HERE: $199 $99

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