Life in the Dashlane

By The Editors
July 6, 2012 9:00 am

Keeping track of passwords is a Catch-22: either you choose something so common it’s not secure (ahem, “password”), or something so cumbersome that you write it on a sticky and tape it to your monitor, and that just makes you look ridiculous, dad.

Easily manage your passwords, and track everything they give you access to, with Dashlane.

[callout] … basically a Tolkien-like One Password to Rule Them All [/callout]

Basically a Tolkien-like One Password to Rule Them All, Dashlane stores and encrypts all your sensitive info and lets you access it across different browsers and computers, presenting it only when you need it (like during an online purchase).

Simply pick out a username and master password — Dashlane will suggest something sliiiightly more secure than “letmein” — and fill out your info, e.g., home address, credit card numbers, site log-ins, etc. You’ll then be able to:

    • Track Purchases: you can store receipts, all organized by credit card

    Dashlane also works as a secure notetaking service, so it’s a good place to store all your sensitive material — except maybe your Dashlane password.

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