It’s Not a Dresser. It’s a Giant Laundry-Folding Robot.

Your days of yelling at fitted sheets are numbered

January 17, 2017 9:00 am

It takes roughly 15 minutes to fold and sort 10 pairs of undies, 15 pairs of socks, three sets of gym clothes and 5-7 shirts. If I were the designated laundry guru in an average American household, it’d take me 2.5 times that. So about 37 minutes, but let’s round up to 40 to account for putting them away. Fifty if there’s a fitted sheet involved.

That’s enough time to do a quick workout, watch a network drama sans commercials or even write and upload an article similar to the length of this one you’re reading now. That’s nothing to sneeze at. It’s also what makes the Laundroid — an automated dresser that sorts and folds clean clothes — a thing that someone with too much money and not enough time will happily spring for.

It’s developed by Seven Dreamers, a Japanese firm specializing in inventions that seem to have no relation to each other. To wit, they make a virtual golf game and a product called Nastent, which is a nasal tube designed to improve the sleep of folks with a deviated septum. (Also nothing to sneeze at.)

Their Laundroid is a big black closet you can have built into your wall or leave free standing. Insert your clean clothes and it uses artificial intelligence to identify the item, fold it and then sort it into a neat pile.

It’s available for preorder now, with an expected delivery of March 2017.

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