Bet Your Current Lamp Doesn’t Have an Augmented-Reality Projector

Lampix projects interactive computer screens onto your desktop

April 6, 2018 9:00 am

“Stare at screens less.”

Chances are you’ve set that goal for yourself sometime within the last year. Or how about “get into blockchain” or “test out some AR tech”?

Curiously, there’s a new product that can knock all three off your list at once.

The creators of Lampix describe it as “a truly interactive tabletop augmented reality system that uses machine learning and blockchain-based image sourcing to recognize, reveal and react to the visual world.” In short, it’s a camera, computer and projector, all hidden inside of a lamp.

Turn it on and your table will be covered in a 23” x 37” multi-touch projection area with 1280p x 800p video resolution. As demonstrated in the video above, that means you can scan documents, identify objects, collaborate with remote coworkers and, vitally, play virtual chess.

Last August, Lampix crowdfunded their project through cryptocurrency. Now, they’re seeking more tangible investments, as well as new users, through Kickstarter.

The version being offered is a “Developer Edition.” While the team has created a potentially game-changing technology, they need people to create apps and add to their image recognition database (via their PIX blockchain token system). Eventually, when users place objects within the projection area, Lampix will be able to instantly decipher what it is. But they need the help of said “Developers” to get there.

“The cost of the hardware alone is over $700, but Lampix is committed to the developer community and subsidizing the dev kit by as much as 50%,” says the company on its Kickstarter page.

Interested in tinkering? You can pledge as little as $350 for one before April 15th.

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