Extremely Hot Take: You Need This $280 Lighter

‘Anybody got a li— Dear God. That thing's beautiful.’

July 16, 2018 9:00 am

Most attempts to figure out why we spend the amounts we do, on the products we do, are unsuccessful.

Consider the $45 sweatshirt you’ve worn faithfully since those autumnal days on the quad … versus the $150 leather passport holder that’s never made it out of your nightstand, let alone through security.

The best way forward, then, is to stick to recognizable constants. What lasts? What will get constant use? (If not by exactly by you, then by others?) And what will fetch compliments and beg a backstory?

Acing that test, all the way down the line: this gorgeous, understated, here-for-the-long-haul — and yes, $280brass lighter from KNNOX.

knoxx (4 images)

Perhaps that sounds to you like a scorching hot take. You’d have a point. Most corner bodegas probably sell about 115 Bic lighters for that price. But where’s the pride in that kind of purchase? Lighters are useful things. And the British-made KNNOX lighter is forged from solid brass, contains 100% cotton wicks, ferrous flint fire-starters (try saying that five times fast), weighs a quarter of a pound and will age naturally and uniquely, like a wallet rubbing against your jean pocket.

Find more information on purchasing yours, go here. Just … be conscious about how often you eat out for lunch this week.

All images from KNNOX

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