Deal: Judy’s Emergency Kits and Go Bags Are Up to 25% Off Today Only

Designed and stocked by experts. Easy to use for everyone.

Judy Emergency Kits and Go Bags
Judy makes preparedness kits with no frills — just exactly what you'll need.

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If you want to design your own emergency kit for yourself or your household, be our guest. But if you want some help putting together a cache of supplies for when disaster strikes from, say, a preparedness expert who has experience with everything from wildfires to hurricanes, then you’d do well to pick up an all-in-one setup from Judy.

We gave you the details about Judy and the company’s line of prep kits and go bags this summer. But now’s the time to take advantage of their expertise, as they’re offering up to 25% off during a one-day sale.

There are three discounts available depending on how big your family is. If you just need a go bag for yourself or a family of four or fewer, there’s The Mover Max, a waterproof and puncture-resistant pack with supplies like food, water, first-aid and basic tools. If you have four or more people, there’s The Safe, a crate stocked with more of everything. But if you’ve got a whole crew, you’ll probably want The Ready System, which includes both of those kits plus the fanny pack-sizes Starter and dopp kit-sized Safety.

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