If You Travel With a Suit, Grab This J.Crew Bag for $100 Off

The Ludlow garment duffel fits a full suit, shoes and more

Discount Code for J.Crew Ludlow Garment Duffel Bag
Use code BIGGER to take up to 70% off at J.Crew, including on this superlative duffel.

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We get the benefits of today’s in vogue rolling luggage brands. Really, we do. They’re secure, they come in trendy colors, they charge your iPhone X and they glide through the terminal with the greatest of ease. But most of them don’t come with the one carry-on feature we absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, live without: an integrated garment bag.

The best carry-ons keep a suit wrinkle-free (or at least lead to fewer wrinkles) all the way to your destination. J.Crew’s Ludlow garment duffel is one such bag, and right now it’s over $100 off with code BIGGER FLASH48 [Ed. note: J.Crew changed the code, but the deal still stands].

The discount is part of J.Crew’s end-of-season sale, wherein you’ll find deals up to 70 percent off on everything from summer shorts to Harrington jackets. But this rugged canvas carry — with the ability to hold an entire suit as well as multiple pairs of shoes, accessories and more — is the best of the bunch.

J.Crew Ludlow Garment Duffel Bag Sale
Look at all the clothes the Ludlow garment duffel bag can fit. Can your bag do that? (J.Crew)

Ludlow Garment Duffel Bag

Already have trusty garment-bag-equipped luggage? Check out the rest of J.Crew’s sale here (just remember to use code BIGGER FLASH48 at checkout).

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