A Spa Company Is Hiring a ‘Hot Tubologist’ to Test-Drive Their Tubs

Looks good on a resume. Or not. Does it really matter?

June 5, 2018 9:00 am

Well here’s one guaranteed way to get Grandpa grumbling about “this generation.”

Lay-Z-Spa, the hot tub arm of UK-based Bestway Inflatables, is now taking applications for the role of “Hot Tubologist,” a summer job that is … exactly what it sounds like. The chosen applicant will spend his or her summer testing out a wide range of portable whirlpools, documenting the experiences on social media and generally spreading the good word on Lay-Z-Spa offerings. 

Rules of entry? You must be a UK resident aged 18 or older, and should post a video explaining your interest and qualifications either to their Facebook page, or tag them in an Instagram video. The winner, in addition to a summer of hot-tub hopping, can expect one for keeps (the Miami edition), $670 and a mysterious package of “prize accessories.”

“Dream” summer internships, as a vehicle to usher in social media notoriety, definitely appear to be here to stay. And this one is particularly relaxing. After all, how does one “test out” a hot tub, beyond offering a few Goldilocks-esque observations?

Find more info about entering here, and don’t blame us if it takes years for your hands to recover from the pruning.

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