This Vertical Fireplace Is Easy to Burn and Even Easier to Transport

Finally, a firewall that might actually work

February 15, 2017 9:00 am

There’s been lots of talk lately about building walls, including one that’ll cost $21.6 billion.

This one is substantially cheaper than that — and it’ll save you from freezing your proverbial bag off.

Essentially a stainless steel rack that lets you build a vertical campfire up to a foot high, the Firewaall weighs 4.5 pounds and is extremely transportable (hopefully not while lit). Made by north-of-the-border gear firm Sportes, the firestarter requires no tools to set up, and its open construction and elevated combustion chamber ensure that no part of a fire ever touches the ground, and heat always radiates outwards and upwards.

Vertical Campfire (5 images)

Also, since fire burns up, gravity takes care of feeding the flames once the rack is filled up.

Finally, a firewall that might actually work.

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