This Is the House Organizer of My Dreams

Ferris is a modular, magnetized system for your keys and wallet

Ferris modular key organizer
This key organizer and magnetic catch-all is customizable (Distil Union)

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Wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses.

Four things you need when you leave in the morning. Four things you’ve probably set down in four separate places.

To keep ‘em all in one place via the power of magnets: Ferris and ModStation, by Distil Union, a series of “out-of-door” organizers for your everyday necessities.

Ferris is a series of leather goods and magnetic components that you can click together and reconfigure at will. Available in three different configurations, Ferris is for your everyday essentials — if you’re really into consolidating, you can combine your keys and wallet into a single carry.

Because everything in the system is magnetic, you can attach your Ferris items easily to the ModStation, which will also hold your charging cables, headphones, pens and smart devices. You can either mount the ModStation to any magnetic surface, or attach it to the wall with screws or a panel of 3M removable adhesives.

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The selling point here is that it’s all mix and match, so you can customize the Ferris leather goods and ModStation to suit different needs (you can pick different colors, too). As well, the brand is now on their ninth Kickstarter, so they’re vets in the crowdfunding space.

Pledges start at just $21 for the ModStation, with the Ferris add-ons coming in at $7-$50 each.  Buy as a kit and you’ll save up to 38% off the future retail price.

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