The $129 Endless Computer: Is It Worth It?

2017's prettiest piece of tech is also its most affordable

January 17, 2017 9:00 am

The internet is supposed to be the great equalizer: knowledge, democratized.

But without an affordable device upon which to use it, the World Wide Web and all its free information will remain a pipe dream to many. Before free or affordable information, we need free or affordable hardware. Because Apple might be everywhere, but let’s not forget it comes at a price.

Endless, a San Francisco startup that’s been providing affordable computers for the developing world since 2012, is out to change how we think about computing and accessibility with the launch of  the Mission Mini and Mission One computers. The new line — which does not include a keyboard or monitor — is the company’s first foray in the U.S. Each are available now, and priced at $129 and $249 respectively. It’s a follow-up to the incredibly affordable but not-so-impressive Endless Mini and Endless One — the company’s debut line that provided the bare bones minimum on all fronts.

Endless Computer (3 images)

The Mission line, however, is different. Perhaps most impressive is its form factor. The clean white and bamboo box is a world-class design that’s easily pleasing to the eye. But peer past the facade and you’ve got two solid builds that do not sacrifice price for quality. If you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank, we suggest you go for the Mission One, the slightly more expensive model that packs an Intel Celeron dual-core processor, Intel HD graphics card, 2GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive and Endless’s suite of software.

The Mission Mini and Mission One are available now. Head on over to Endless for more details.

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