Deal: Eero Is the Quickest and Best Way to Get Wifi Through Your Home

The handsome, easy-to-use mesh network is now up to $100 off

eero's mesh network gets your home wifi up in under a minute

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While mesh wifi systems are ubiquitous now, the whole concept of getting your house streaming-ready in seconds — on a device that looks actually sleek instead of something that resembles a glowing antenna spider — can all be traced back to eero.

The small white wifi boxes certainly looked and felt like an Apple product when the launched. And they had Apple’s ease of use — installation was under a minute (instructions: plug in devices around the home, download app, tap a few buttons, boom — you’ve got house-wide wifi).

eero app

But the plug-and-play Internet company didn’t go with Apple — instead, Amazon bought ‘em just this last February. Thankfully, they’ve kept the design and simplicity, but now added some discounts.

eero bundle

For a short time, you can buy an eero Home (1 Pro + 1 wifi extension beacon) for $60 off, a kit with one Pro and two beacons at $80 off and a set with three eero Pros for $100 off. What you need depends on your household — the first kit is great for large apartments, while the three Pros can cover a five-bedroom house. All pretty easily.

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