Kayak? Canoe? Who Gives a Sh*t? It’s See-Through.

Full moon tonight, fishies

June 29, 2017 9:00 am

Whether you’re hoping to see an octopus’s garden, a hot crustacean band or Jimmy Hoffa, you generally can’t tell what’s under the sea beneath you when you’re paddling over it in a kayak.

Unless of course you happen to be hitting the water on one of Driftsun’s latest, an 11-foot-long maritime masterpiece with a UV-resistant polycarbonate hull and anodized aluminum frame.

As easy to see through as the motives of a reality show contestant, the Transparent Kayak can support 425 pounds and has a pair of removable seat that can accommodate two people.

Officially a kayak/canoe hybrid, the vision-granting vessel can handle both calm and choppy waters and includes two aluminum paddles with ergonomic grips in addition to a pair of wells to place balloons in to keep the boat afloat in case it flips.

Priced at $1,600, the kayak comes with a one-year warranty and ships free in the States.

It’ll save you from buying a snorkel.

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