Deal: 3-Packs of Everlane’s Masks Are Currently Less Than $10

They're among our favorites, too. Because we have "favorite" masks now.

February 5, 2021 10:56 am
Deal: 3-Packs of Everlane’s Masks Are Currently Less Than $10

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Everlane’s 100% Human face mask 3-pack’s are 50% off.

These masks are 100% cotton, though some of the other colorways are also available in linen, meaning they’re breathable, soft against your face and attractive in the subtle way you generally want your face mask to be. And while — for all intents and purposes — they are machine washable, if you were to grab two packs (for the original price of one), you’d have a new mask for almost every day of the week. It’s called efficiency.

They all also bear the 100% Human logo, a campaign signifying Everlane’s commitment to human rights for all, and 10% of the proceeds from which go to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) — so you can double up on your societal contributions all in one shot, should you be so inclined.

We’re especially partial to the blue stripe linen, which are coincidentally the only ones marked down to $13 as opposed to $9. Such is life.

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