Yes, That’s a Kayak for Your Beer

It’s also great for dry storage

January 17, 2017 9:00 am

Kayaking isn’t just the perfect recreational outdoor sport — it’s the perfect recreational outdoor drinking sport.

If you’ve ever floated down stream with paddle in hand, then you know that holding a can of beer in the other makes the adventure infinitely better.

Storing that beer, however? That’s another story.

That’s why there’s the CreekKooler, a genius two-behind cooler that looks the part of a mini-kayak. It’s a boat for booze, basically.

Constructed with a dual-wall and featuring a threaded watertight lid, the CreekKooler holds up to thirty 12-oz cans of brew and 20 pounds of ice. And with four drink holders located on deck, this thing can actually come in handy on the water as much as it is off.

So, not only does it save precious cargo space, it ensures you have your trip’s most important goods ready and available.

Just remember: no glass on the water.  

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