This $8 Apple Watch Strap Is Exactly the Same as the One Apple Sells for $49

Newsflash: Apple is the worst.

cheap apple watch strap

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I decided a few weeks ago that I was sick of the stretchy Nike sportloop I’d been wearing on my Apple Watch for the past two years, and I decided I wanted to buy one of the standard rubber ones everyone else seems to have. So I went to the Apple website and learned that, jeez, those straps cost $49, which seems like a lot of money. And because watch straps do not fall into the category of things I will happily spend too much money on because I’m an idiot, I went directly to Amazon to look for a cheaper alternative.

I immediately came across this one by a company called Vati. It costs eight bucks, comes in a million different colors and appeared to be very similar to the Apple version. 48 hours later, it’s on my wrist, and as far as I can tell there is no difference whatsoever from the “real” thing. It has a 4.6 rating and almost 12,000 reviews, so other people seem to agree with me.

That’s all. Please don’t spend $50 on that fucking thing.

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