Brewster’s Millions

By The Editors
September 18, 2012 9:00 am
Brewster’s Millions

When everyone you know is scattered across LinkedIn, Facebook, and email, you tend to lose touch and forget to be a good friend — like by remembering their birthday, or by guilting them into advancing your career, simply by remembering their birthday.

Always keep close, with Brewster.

BrewsterDev’d by the guy, Brewster’s an easy-to-use universal address book app that aggregates your contacts across social networks, whilst also adding important context to those relationships.

Simply download the app and connect your profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, more…), and Brewster will craft one master profile for each person.

Suddenly, you have every phone number and e-mail for a person in one centralized area, so you no longer have to scan multiple sites. Brewster even auto-creates lists of contacts who share qualities (e.g., “Most Mutual Connections” and “Share Your Job Title”), and let’s you create your own, like “Press Contacts” or “Job Hunting.”

The app will also suggest people you’ve possibly lost touch with by gauging your social media and email activity, and provides a cross-site newsfeed highlighting any major changes (think new job or location, not “here’s an Instagram of my breakfast yogurt”).

And of course, you can search across your universal contact list by any criteria imaginable, be it first name, city, job or even interest — and anyone who listed “career advancement” hopefully meant yours.

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