With Boeing’s New XL Windows, Who Needs In-Flight Entertainment?

Yes, you're chopped liver, aisle seat

March 31, 2017 9:00 am

Airplane window seats have always come with a view — you could just barely see it.

Enter the gamechanging SkyView Panoramic Window by Boeing, the (soon-to-be) largest passenger-jet window on earth.

About time.

The window measures 54.5 inches by 19.5 inches (similar in scope to a 58′ TV, by the Pythagorean), which is about three times wider and 40 percent taller than the standard porthole. Two pairs will be installed opposite each other in the rearward wing. Still in development, the windows will be made with acrylic from GKN Aerospace’s Fokker Technologies, responsible for all of Boeing’s panes since 1996. And custom blinds will be available should the vast natural light just be too much for your peepers to handle.

Available for the BBJ, BBJ 2 and three of the BBJ Maxes, including the new BBJ Max 7, they are expected to take flight in 2018.

No word on what the surcharge’ll be, but given trends, expect it to be hefty.


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