The Last Umbrella You’ll Ever Buy, Now Under $50

Blunt tests their brollies in a gale-force wind tunnel

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So your correspondent has never tested a Blunt umbrella in a wind tunnel with gale-force conditions (as the company purports to), but I have tested it on a New York city avenue when one breaches the corner of a cross street and the wind, funneled with merciless acceleration down each corridor of glassy high-rises, hits you like an NFL linebacker hopped up on PCP.

And I’m happy to report it very much held its own.

Must be something about the “telescoping ribs, modern wind-shearing shape and radial tension system” (not to mention the 38-point quality check), but what I’m here to tell you is to forget all that scientific mambajahamba because all that matters is This. Thing. Will. Not. Break.

And even if it did (which it won’t), Blunt offers a five-year warranty to fix or replace it. When was the last time you held onto an umbrella for five years? Oh wait! Bonus no. 2, Blunt umbrellas are trackable with your smartphone so you actually probably WILL hold onto it for five years. Hell, maybe even 10!

And right now our pals at Huckberry have ‘em on sale for under 50 bucks, which is a steal for arguably the last umbrella you will buy in your life.

That is unless you’re boarding Air Force 1 and can’t figure out how to close it, in which case … you know what nevermind.


All images from Blunt

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